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Individual focused, solution oriented.

Are you ready to experience the difference?

What I Do

I help you explore and identify your current mindset of beliefs that are holding you back.  I will hold space for you to believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself.  I help you by empowering you to create new beliefs that help you move forward to the results you want!

I Coach.

Actors and actresses as well as professional athletes have long understood the power of a coach to help them perform better.  As a coach, I believe in the athlete when the athlete doesn’t believe in themself. I see the gifts of the actress when she cannot see her gifts in herself.  I love to understand and ask questions to learn more. I coach in a faith-based style in which I help you see the gifts you’ve been blessed with and apply them in your life to overcome your limiting beliefs.

I Speak.

I love public speaking!  I have spoken to small groups and I have presented at conferences of over 300 attendees.  I love sharing the things I have, learned with my audience, whether it is 1 person or thousands!  I am energized when I speak, and I often learn just as much as or more than my audience!  I would love to speak to your group! 

I Write.

I’ve always loved expressing myself both verbally and in writing.  I 


I have been to many therapists and none of them has been as helpful as Karen. In fact, some well-meaning therapists have dwelt on my past, hashing and re-hashing details that re-traumatized me and caused me additional pain.

Karen is compassionate, allows me to sort everything out, and helps me take responsibility for myself and the things I have control over. Karen has a gift for helping ME see ME with greater clarity. I feel safe to share and be vulnerable with Karen because she is so supportive and non-judgemental. I have been able to heal and transform my pain into purpose. All of my relationships have benefitted from coaching, including my relationship with myself.


My Story

I am you!

I am your safe place that you have been longing for.  

Have you ever longed for a place to land with your broken wing, sheltered from the storm, where you can pour out your heart?

Are you tired of having to pretend that everything is ok and when others ask how you are, you say, “fine” while holding back a tsunami because it isn’t fine? 

I know how you feel. 

I care about you!

I see you!  I hear you! 

I am you