The Hero Within Podcast One Year Anniversary!


Empowered, Energized and Enlightened!

Are you ready to experience the difference of The Empathy Advantage?

What I Do

I speak and educate leaders and teams and provide a safe space in small groups where you are able to unleash your greatest potential.  I hold space for you to pour out your heart without judgment.  I empower you to tap into your inner wisdom and together we will obtain the results you desire! 


*Leverage the power of a coach to uncover your limiting beliefs. 

*Ignite your inner knowing to guide you with wisdom.

*Overcome fears, self-doubts, imposter syndrome, and more.

*Transform your pain into purpose..

*Manage your nervous system in difficult situations.

Through faith-based coaching, I empower you to see the gifts you’ve been blessed with.  

Together, we conquer limiting beliefs and unlock your divine potential to find hope and healing and return to love


*Energize your attendees through:

*Powerful, faith-based, relatable stories.

*Compelling messages with lasting impact.  

*Enlightenment through powerful insights.

*Connection with authenticity and vulnerability.

*Humor sprinkled throughout, to lighten the heart and unite through laughter

*Empowerment to elevate your perspective and be the change you desire. 


*Connect through genuine heart-to-heart true stories.

*Relate to real and raw feelings.

*Know you are not alone in your challenges.

*Discover nuggets of wisdom and inspiration.

*Awaken your hero within to guide you by your inner wisdom.

*Be inspired to confidently rise to your highest version of yourself.

*Navigate through your adversity to find hope and healing.

*Be motivated to return to the love you were born with.



Karen has a wealth of wisdom.  She seeks first to understand and is a safe place for me to process my feelings.  Karen validates my feelings and helps me with my pain points.  With her, I am seen.  I am heard.  I matter.  I feel valued.  I ALWAYS feel better after talking with her, even though my circumstances have not changed.”  L.G.W., Entrepreneur, Author and Educator

Karen is compassionate, and such a good listener.  I have coached with her for almost a year and with each session, we uncover limiting beliefs.  I am able to pour out my heart because I know she cares.  I feel safe to share and be vulnerable with Karen because she is so supportive and non-judgemental.”  N.P., President of her organization

“Coaching with Karen is like having my own personal cheerleader because she celebrates every step of my healing journey! Because of Karen, I have been able to heal past wounds and transform my pain into purpose. All of my relationships have improved with coaching, including my relationship with myself.”  P.F.,  Community Advocate and Addiction Recovery Facilitator

I have been to many therapists and coaches and although they were helpful, none of them were as helpful as Karen in helping me heal and move forward. In fact, some well-meaning therapists have dwelt on my past, hashing and re-hashing details that re-traumatized me and caused me additional pain. Karen was able to pinpoint the issues I needed to address and she helped me work through my trauma and move forward.  She is by far the best provider I’ve ever had.”  L.G., Educator


My Story

I am you!

I’m the safe place that you’ve been longing for.  

Have you ever yearned for a safe haven to land with your broken wing, sheltered from the storm, where you can pour out your heart?

Are you tired of having to pretend that everything is ok?

And when others ask how you are, you say, “fine” while holding back a tsunami of emotions because it actually isn’t fine at all? 

I know how you feel. 

I care about you!

I see you!  I hear you! 

I am you

I can help.