About Karen Hall

My Story

I absolutely love helping people!  I have always been a nurturer, which led me to become a registered dietitian and to volunteer and serve for years helping others in need.

For decades, I have been life coaching on health, wellness, nutrition, weight loss, and lactation.

But then I decided that my real love is coaching on parenting, nervous system regulation, and relationships.

I’ve experienced adversity and loss in my own life.

 I want to share the things I learned to help you so that you don’t suffer the way I did.

I will help you feel empowered to transform your pain into purpose.

I trained directly under and certified as a life coach with Marianne Williamson.  I also  completed additional advanced training in life coaching and emotional intelligence.

What I love most about life coaching is helping people like you to achieve clarity, gain confidence, and feel empowered to transcend pain into purpose and return to a place of love.

When I coach you, I offer a safe place to pour out your heart and sort out your thoughts.  I help you feel seen and heard, and truly understood.


Feedback & Reviews

Often times when we are making a decision about something so intimate as sharing our vulnerable feelings, we wish we could talk to others who have already been coached by the coach. 

Here’s a chance to hear what my clients have felt through our coaching together and what you can experience too!

“Karen has a wealth of hard-earned life experience which allows her to coach with authority and confidence.  She seeks first to understand and is a safe place for me to process my feelings.  She is trustworthy, which enables me to share in a way that I would not be able to otherwise.  Karen validates pain points and help me to see why I am in pain.  She is able to see things and point out things I’m not even aware of.  With her,  I am seenI am heardI matter.  I feel valued.  I ALWAYS feel better after talking with her, even though the circumstances have not changed. But I have changed since we started talking.  By the end of our conversation, I am calmer, more at peace with myself and with the world; and my sense of self is bolstered or restored. I have less self-doubt.  I feel strengthened with a sense that I can move forward and endure with hope.  She has a gift for seeing people deeply, which makes such a difference.  Karen is an amazing coach and speaks with the Spirit.  It is obvious to me that coaching is what she is called to do.  ” 

Lucretia Adele Graziadei Gabriel Wooten

co author Holt Science Series Textbook grade 7

Instructor Beacon College

Business owner

“I was referred to Karen by a friend who raved about her and how she helped him be able to increase his sales.  I needed help with imposter syndrome in my new job in sales and overcoming fear and negative self-talk.  I had struggled with this most of my life and I thought I could just do the work by myself by listening to podcasts or reading tips from experts.  Karen asked me questions that were spot on and caused me to dig deeper.  There was great power in hearing my own words as I expressed myself.  As I did the work, I gained insights that led to incredible clarity and I discovered my limiting beliefs that were holding me back.  I didn’t even know I had these beliefs!  Then I was able to re-wire my brain and gain the confidence I needed to move forward.  I was able to quadruple my income and excel in my business. The progress I made with Karen was so much faster than on my own and it was worth every penny!  In fact, I would have paid her far more than what she charged!

S. N.


“I have been to many therapists and coaches and although they were helpful, none of them compare to how much Karen helped me.  In fact, some well-meaning therapists have dwelt on my past, hashing and re-hashing details that re-traumatized me and caused me additional pain. Karen is compassionate, allowing me to sort everything out. She helps me take responsibility for myself and the things I have control over.  Karen has a gift for helping ME see ME with greater clarity.  I feel safe to share and be vulnerable with Karen because she is so supportive and nonjudgemental.  I have been able to heal past wounds and transform my pain into purpose.  All of my relationships have benefitted from coaching, including my relationship with myself.”   



What Can I Do for You?

Let’s Chat! 

I have worked with people from all walks of life with various degrees of trauma, struggles in their marriages and with parenting, and with businessmen and women who are dealing with imposter syndrome, fear of rejection and lack of confidence.  I have worked with people who have experienced grief, trauma, depression and anxiety. 

I’m a public speaker and I ignite my audience to feel energized as I share my message!  In addition to speaking to small groups, I have presented for large audiences at conferences of over 300 people.  My audience describes feeling enlightened and empowered.

If you would like to book me to speak at your event, let’s chat and we can talk about the details.  

I can help you with your fears, confusion, self-doubt, grief, trauma, and anxiety.  I can help you in your relationships at work, at home, with your spouse, with your children, with your extended family, and especially with yourself.  

Want help?

I am here for you!  I see you.  I can help you move forward!